A complete portfolio of environmental insurance

A complete portfolio of environmental insurance

If you do employ anyone, you’re usually required by law to have employers’ liability insurance too. Our team of risk management specialists, with their deep industry knowledge and market leading data and analytics capabilities, can help you reduce your total cost of risk and minimize volatility across your operations. Our support is strengthened by Marsh’s analytics capabilities, which provide business insights enabling you to make more informed decisions and gain competitive advantage.

A complete portfolio of environmental insurance products, including contractor’s and fixed premises pollution liability insurance products. Manufacturing companies come with unique risks and challenges that require expert handling. You can start a review process with ourmanufacturing insurance online quote platformorschedule a callwith one of our risk advisors. Manufacturing companies have vastly different risks and your insurance policy should account for exactly what you are producing. While manufacturing operations vary widely, here are three that need special consideration. We will be covering the key points relevant tomostmanufacturing companies and what they should know to get the most out of their manufacturing and factory insurance policy.

CFC’s cyber, product recall and intellectual property policies safeguard the supply chain from various events. Business property insurance protects your building, contents, inventory, and machinery and can also be extended to include tools. If you suffer a fire, property insurance will cover the costs of repair and replacement for your fixed assets. Our commercial and specialty insurance products and services are distributed through brokers and agents. If you are interested in our solutions for your business, please contact your agent or broker. Click here illinoismanufacturing.net

The insurance and risk gap analysis becomes a working tool, regularly reviewed and updated, providing you with practical recommendations, enabling you to make informed decisions. Meet your deadlines, maintain your standards and feel reassured with comprehensive insurance for manufacturing companies. Auto parts manufacturers; industrial machinery manufacturers; and metal forgers, casters, extruders, rollers or stampers can turn to Travelers for a wide range of tailored coverage solutions.

It takes a deeply experienced insurer to understand the similarities – as well as the nuanced differences – among manufacturers, their products, and the risks inherent to their current and emerging operations. We’ll work with you to make sure your risk profile is up to date, so existing, new and upcoming exposures are identified and you can make informed decisions when planning for the future. Marsh Commercial’s manufacturing risk specialists understand your industry’s business issues and provide guidance to help you navigate risks. Specializes in coverages for the marine industry, including traditional cargo, hull and liability coverages as well as pollution and complete packages combining marine property and casualty.

As a varied industry understanding your needs is essential when creating a cover that can protect your manufacturing business from the most pertinent risks. Commercial auto insurance helps protect you and your employees on the road while driving a business-owned vehicle for work. Supply chain have big exposure, but some policies will extend to cover this.

We make it easy to get an online quote, connect with one of our licensed brokers, and get your certificate of insurance. Provides financial protection for directors in terms of their personal liability when managing their company. Sometimes details get overlooked, decisions are made in haste, and problems arise in production.

Taking steps to build resilience into the supply chain can protect revenue, market share, and ultimately a company’s reputation. Offering a specialized facility for D&O Liability and related professional liability coverages, including Fiduciary Liability and Employment Practices Liability, as well as Cyber Liability. Whether you’re interested in a complex multi-product solution, want to talk to an experienced underwriter or engineer about your supply chain risk or have an emerging risk that keeps you awake at night, we’re here to help. Whatever it is you manufacture, we’re here to help you navigate the complexities that come from operating in a global business environment. From risk consulting services to help you mitigate risk to a breadth of coverage options and global program capabilities we have the scope, scale and agility, to help your business go further.

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