Traveling Around the World in a Toyota LandCruiser

Traveling Around the World in a Toyota LandCruiser

A year off from work and schedules was what Emil and Liliana Schmid envisioned when they bought a Toyota LandCruiser FJ60. In October 1984, they left Montreal, Canada, and crossed North and Central America. One year was not enough, so they went on to cover 98’000 kilometers/61’000 miles. They visited seven countries and met fascinating locals along the way. While they never saw a Jaguar, they did see a lot of howler monkeys, tropical birds, and luxury tropical vegetation.

On their trip, the Schmid family crossed the equator 24 times in Nanyuki, and on October 25, they crossed into Ethiopia. In their 31 years of traveling, they had crossed the equator 516 times. This was the largest country they’d crossed, but it was the most challenging. In addition to the high altitude and heat, Schmid’s children also experienced the extreme conditions of the country. The family’s journey was delayed by an infection in a dog bite.

From there, the couple headed to Papua New Guinea, which is part of Asia and the Pacific Ocean. They spent six months traversing the island in a LandCruiser, stopping at the beautiful islands of Rodrigues. During their stay in the island, they also visited the UNESCO-listed Rodrigues Island, which is part of Mauritius. It was a highlight of their journey, and the couple’s journey continues to this day.

In South Africa, Schmid and his family made their way to the southernmost point in the continent, the Cape Verde Islands. From there, they drove north and crisscrossed the country. Their favorite stops were safaris in game parks, the endless steppes, and the Drakensberg. There, they spent six months photographing the amazing scenery. The Schmids have returned several times since and continue on their adventure, by clicking here

Traveling requires money. Luckily, many of these destinations are cheap when you travel outside of high season. If you can, take advantage of any airline miles you accrue while you travel. Then, make a separate account just for the trip. Make sure to allot a set amount of money to it on a regular basis. If you cannot afford to go alone, consider assigning sole ownership of your travel fund to a trusted friend or family member.

Schmid’s trip began in Switzerland and continued through Canada and the U.A.E. before reaching the tropics of the United Arab Emirates. They had first visited these countries in 1994. On the 16th of March 1999, they reached 500’000 km in the desert city of Dubai, which was 310’690 miles away. The landcruiser’s next destination was the lush green world of South Korea. After that, Schmid and his family set off for their second round of the world.

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