Tips For Building a Kids Toy Storage Organizer

A lot of children use  Toys storage to organize their toys. When the toys are not in use, they can be stored away easily without taking up any space. A lot of parents think that storing toys is an expensive proposition. Fortunately, it is not. With the right plans and materials, you can easily build your own toys storage shed or storage box to keep your kids’ toys in good condition.

Materials cost around $35, depending mostly on what kind of plywood you buy. You will need two pieces of wood, each one four inches long. Drill and pocket hole screws should be supplied by the store where you bought the material. The two pieces of wood should be glued together using pocket hole screws.

The next step is to cut out the desired shape. Use a piece of straight board to serve as a guideline while cutting. Keep the desired shape and size in mind when working on the front piece and the lower part of the upper section. Once the two sections are ready, screw the front piece and the lower piece of wood together using pocket hole screws. The entire storage box should be held together by glue and clamps.

The last step is to assemble the storage. Connect the bottom piece of the storage to the two boards with pocket hole screws and hang the storage baskets over the open space. Use rope to hang the hanging baskets on the edge. Use the remaining parts of the two pieces of wood to join the sides of the hanging baskets into an orderly pattern to form a storage organizer for your kid’s toys.

As you can see, assembling a storage organizer to store toys is easy. It also does not require much of your time. Instead of spending money on buying toys every month, or building a new storage for your kid’s toys in the nursery, consider building a storage for your kid’s toys on your own.

If you find it difficult to build a storage for your kid’s toys in the nursery, you can use plastic storage bins that are available in most of the toy stores. You should make sure that you buy the right size of bins for storing toys in the nursery. Alternatively, you can buy hanging baskets from specialty stores. These hanging baskets are perfect storage options for small toys. When you’re done using the items in the hanging baskets, just clean them off the ground by wiping them with a cloth before putting them back to the shelf or the play room.

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